I spent the 4th of July in Columbia with Stephanie and our friends. It was only the second 4th that I’ve spent away from my entire family, and I did miss them. But if you can’t have family at least you can have good food, good friends, and some pretty explosives to look at.

Olive prepared about five dishes for us to eat including three appetizers, a main course, and some dessert. All of it was delicious. Nikki and Jarrod’s five month old, Parker, experience not only his first fireworks show, but he got some time in a kiddie pool too.

Once it started getting dark we all headed over to campus to catch the fireworks show where I learned that a filter on your lens isn’t the greatest thing for shooting fireworks. I shot some video too, not sure yet if its any good since it was all hand held, but I might try to edit some of it together later.

Just one of the three appetizers Olive prepared for our 4th of July barbeque.


Adam shows off his "man belt". We tried to give him crap for this, but truth be told, its pretty sweet.


Parker gets some fun time in the kiddie pool Olive bought.


Adam basting the pork chops with a roasted raspberry chipoltle sauce I picked up in Eureka Springs.


After some time in the kiddie pool Parker was a little more agreeable than he had been.


A woman watches fireworks from the parking lot of the Hearnes Center during Columbia's "Fire in the Sky" show.


Spectators watch fireworks from the top of their SUV during the "Fire in the Sky" show in Columbia, Mo.


Fireworks reflect off of cars parked behind the Hearnes Center during Columbia's "Fire in the Sky" Fourth of July show.

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